Baek Gang
Baek Gang
Character Information
Name Baek Gang
Epithet Hwanjon
Masked Man
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Ki
Affiliation Black Force
Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples
Manga Debut Chapter 433 (As Masked Man)

Chapter 491 (Revealed)

He is the descendant of Sinji's Hwanjong and at the same time he is the first disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun. He is also known as the Masked Man. After death of old Hwanjon it is revealed that she appointed him as succesor of Hwanjong, a position he accepted.

Appearance Edit

He has a spiky hair and a beard. He wears a Black Wind's uniform, and he appears to be taller than Cheon Ma Sin Gun's other disciples, such as Han Bi Kwang and Jin Pung Baek

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Relationships Edit

He seems to had rather close relationship with previous Hwanjon, given their close cooperation and him being named her successor.

His relationship with Jin Pung Baek is remarkably different from Jin Pung Baek's relationships with other disciples of Cheon Ma Sin Gun namely latter is respectful with former a stark contrast to his interactions with 6th, 4th and even 2nd.

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Abilities Edit

Ki based manipulation