Baek Mu Heun
Character Information
Name Baek Mu Heun
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Staff
Affiliation Jiok Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 34

Baek Mu Heun is a bounty hunter.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit


He was once a member of Jiok Guild a guild of assassins, but he eventually left them because he (supposedly) wasn’t comfortable killing women and children.


Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

Baek Mu Heun was first seen saving Bu Young from would be rapists. After saving Bu Young he told her she will have to pay him back for saving her. She then asked him to leave the room when he did she ran away.

Legacy of the Ma Geum Rang ArcEdit


His weapon of choice is a sword and his style is Setting Moon Sword of which he used Moonlight Slash technique. Beside his skill with sword he is a skillful tracker.


He was introduced at the request of reader (Oh-Hyeon who sent fan letter ) "who lives at Myeong Il Dong in Gang Dong Gu, Seoul".