Beon Chal
Beon Chal
Character Information
Name Beon Chal
Epithet The Real Quake Sword
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation Sinji
Manga Debut Chapter 522

Commander of Eternal Quake Thousand Swords Army. Also known as "The Real Quake Sword".

Appearance Edit

Exceptionaly large man. Also, see the picture.

Personality Edit

He seems to be rash, brash and hotheaded character, eager to enter fray and attain glory but not very perceptive or knowledgeable of Hwanjong clan as he was caught in its "Chaotic enroute formation".

History Edit

Story Edit

Relationship Edit

He doesn't seems to be on good terms with Ra Su Yeon, thought his tone during their conversation in ch.523  may be just result of strees of the situation, low standing of both of them among Ten Master Swordsman, rivalry and his general rudeness.

Abilities Edit

As one of ten master swordsmen and commander (of one) of Thousand swordsman army he is presumably quite skillful fighter and in top of Sinjis rankings.

Weapon Edit

Exceptionaly large double-edged sword which he wields with right hand.