Bu Young
Bu Young
Character Information
Name Bu Young
Korea Name 부용
Epithet Black Orchid (요혈마화)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Weapon Whip
Affiliation Neutral Force
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Bu Young(부용) is the daughter of North Sea Ice Castle master, Dan Wu-Hyeon. She's a cunning women who uses her beauty and cunning lies to get her way. She runs away from her father and become a bounty hunter under the name of Black Orchid.

She fell in love with Dam Hwa Rin who disguised as a man due to her chivalry attitude.

Appearance: Edit

She's portrait as a beautiful lady, thin and slender figure with long hair down to her butt. She always carrying a whip with her.

Personality: Edit

She's a short tempered person, especially when she sees Bi-Kwang and Chun Oon-ak. She's also beautiful and cunning.

Relationships: Edit

She's the daughter of the Northern Ice Castle master, Dan Wu-Hyeon, and also Han Bi Kwang's "wife" when she lied to her father to get away from him. Han Bi Kwang then said that they had made a baby.

She has a crush on (male version)Dam Hwa Rin.

She seems to be close with Ji Yun Eun, a fellow bounty hunter.

History Edit

She is a bounty hunter and therefore, always away from the Northern Ice Castle. Her father always chases after her to bring her back to the castle. However, she manages to always run away by using other people to trick her father.

She first met Han Bi Kwang when he was spying on her showering in the river. The second time they met, BuYong lied to her father than Kwang had a one night stand with her and so she was able to run away when her father faces Kwang. However, Kwang manages to get away from her father via his amazing alleviation technique. Later, when he met with BuYong, he tricked her into thinking he had killed her father, leading BuYong tracing her path back to search for her father. When she found her father, he managed to drag her back to the castle, with her screaming for revenge on Kwang.

The next time they met was at Cheon Ma Sin Gun's place. She was hiding in one of the closets in Kwang's room. When she climbed out and saw Kwang, she was going to attack him until her father appeared. She then ran to Hwa Rin's room. There, she saw and fell in love with Hwa Rin (thinking that she is a handsome man). She misled Hwa Rin into thinking that an attacker is after her, leading Hwa Rin to attack Dan Wu-Hyeon, resulting in Hwa Rin being freezed. Thinking Hwa Rin is dead, BuYong ran away, heartbroken.

Later in the manga, when she realised Hwa Rin is alive, several times BuYong tried to throw herself onto Hwa Rin, even stripping herself naked and hiding in a room waiting for Hwa Rin, all resulted in failure as Chun Oon-ak was always accidentally in place of Hwa Rin.

Abilities & Affiliations: Edit

She sometime uses Freezing Palm, a technique belong to Northern Ice Castle of the Neutral Force, but her primary weapon is a whip.

Weapons: Edit

She uses a whip as her weapon to take care of her opponents, it's especially effective against Chun Oon-ak with all the misunderstanding of S&M play.

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