Black Winds
Epithet Black Winds
Korea Epithet 흑풍회
Romanized Epithet Heuk Pung Heo
Master Cheon Ma Sin Gun
Affiliation Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Black winds(흑풍회 Heuk Pung Heo) is a group of warriors dedicated to protect and be of aid to Cheon Ma's disciples. First appeared in Volume 1: Chapter 1 and is divided into seven division. Out of the seven division, the fourth is the most elite of them all.

Each division are dedicate to protect their respective master. All of them are under the command of Cheon Ma Sin Gun but are also extremely loyal to their respective young master.

During the war ten years ago against Song Mu guild for control of the Southern Murim, the fourth division was destroyed by Song Mu guild, both side suffered heavy losses.