Choi Sang-hwe
Choi Sang Hwe
Character Information
Name Choi Sang-hwe
Korea Name 최상희
Gender Male
Status Male
Weapon Scarf and Ki
Affiliation Black Force
Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples
Manga Debut ch. 111

The fifth of Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples. Also the youngest disciple

Appearance Edit

He has an appearance of a beautiful woman due to his outfit and his girly face. He often wears a scarf.

Maybe he's around So-Hyang's age(14).

Personality Edit

Kind-hearted and friendly. He likes to make friends with Han Bi Kwang, unlike other disciples who are displeased because Bi Kwang carries Cheon Ma Sin Gun's Blade. He doesn't hate the fact that So-Hyang often beats him.

A crybaby but when in battle, he's strong, brave and hold high honours for etiquette.

Relationships Edit

Han Bi KwangEdit

Choi Sang-hwe is the fifth Martial Art Brother of Han Bi Kwang.


Choi Sang-hwe have a crush on So-Hyang despite being beaten by her many times.

Cheon Ma Sin Gun Edit

Cheon Ma Sin Gun is his master.

History Edit

Not much is known about him apart from he's a genius and have been living and training with Cheon Ma Sin Gun for ten years.


Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

Weapons Edit

He uses his scarf - Hyun Cheon Po - as a weapon, combined with Cheon Ma's ki manipulation techniques. He is able to perform some of the strongest techniques of this kind despite his young age.