Chun Oon-ak
Chun Oon ak
Character Information
Name Chun Oon-ak
Gender Male
Weapon Fan
Affiliation White Force
Six Dragon Gods
Bek Fung Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 38

He's the current master of Byuk Poong guild and also the grandson to one of the Five White Sages, Yahk-Sun. He's also one of the Six Dragon Gods.

Appearance Edit

At first he appeared to be some elegant and fancy looking guy, he always carry around his fan. His hair is tied up and has some hairstraws sticking out like vines.

Personality Edit

Ultra self-conscious (or even can say imagination), always prefer him as the most handsome man in the world (to the point that his subordinates are fed up with him.

Easily pissed of when someone talk about his appearance and his intelligence.

Relationships Edit

Had a love interest in Shi-Hyui.

Is the grandson of Yahk-Sun.

A friend of Jin Phe Wun and Lee Hwa as well as having love interest in Lee Hwa.

Always getting into S&M play with Bu Young.

History Edit

Story Edit

Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

He had a major duel with Han Bi Kwang that represent Black Force vs White Force.

Six Dragon Gods of Jung Pa ArcEdit

Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

His weapon of choice is a fan.