Dan Wu-Hyeon
Dan Wu
Character Information
Name Dan Wu-Hyeon
Korea Name 단우헌
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Bare-Fist
Affiliation Northern Ice Castle
Neutral Force
Manga Debut Chapter 15

Dan Wu-Hyeon(단우헌) is the owner of the Northern Ice Castle. He is said to be as strong as Cheon Ma Sin Gun. He has a calm and serious appearance. However, once he met his daughter, Bu Young, he become a helpless man. And is one of the Four leader of the Neutral Forces.

Northern Ice Castle is the forces that defends the frozen lands of the north.

Appearance Edit

He always wear his fur coat and he has a beard. He has a dot on his forehead.

Personality Edit

Calm and serious but sometime his personality can be completely opposite.

Relationships Edit

He's the father of Bu Young and also Han Bi Kwang's Father-in-law.

He is an acquaintance of Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

History Edit

Story Edit

The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

Abilites Edit

Weapons Edit

Uses Ki to unleash Frozen Palm to freeze his enemies to death which Han Bi Kwang then copy after seeing it once.