Dan Wu-Hyeon
Dan Wu
Character Information
Name Dan Wu-Hyeon
Korea Name 단우헌
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Bare-Fist
Affiliation Neutral Force
Manga Debut Chapter 15

Dan Wu-Hyeon(단우헌) is the owner of the Northern Ice Castle. He is said to be as strong as Cheon Ma Sin Gun. He has a calm and serious appearance. However, once he met his daughter, Bu Young, he become a helpless man. And is one of the Four leader of the Neutral Forces.

Northern Ice Castle is the forces that defends the frozen lands of the north.

Appearance: Edit

He always wear his fur coat and he has a beard. He has a dot on his forehead.

Personality: Edit

Calm and serious but sometime his personality can be completely opposite.

Relationships: Edit

He's the father of Bu Young and also Han Bi Kwang's Father-in-law.

He is an acquaintance of Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

History: Edit

Weapons: Edit

Uses Ki to unleash Frozen Palm to freeze his enemies to death which Han Bi Kwang then copy after seeing it once.

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