Demon Face Armor
Item Information
Name Demon Face Armor
Korea Name 귀면갑
Romanized Name Kwim Yeon Gab
Owner Dam Hwa Rin
Status Awakened
Ability Increase the master's Ki
Type Armor
Manga Debut Ch 173
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Owner Edit

The current master of Demon Face Armor is Dam Hwa Rin.

Awakened Edit

It was awakened at chapter 392 at the end of Volume 61, it was awakened due to Dam Hwa Rin being under the effect of Ma Ryong Sword.

Ability Edit

Once awakend it increases it's master's Ki greatly, to the point that lifting a mountain is like lifting a finger.

History Edit

It belonged to one of the Clan in Sinji, but was then in the possession of Song Mu Guild, it was then given to Dam Hwa Rin by Song Mu's guildmaster, Yu Won-Chan.