Dong Kyu
Character Information
Name Dong-Kyu
Korea Name 동규
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation Black Force
Black Winds
Manga Debut Chapter 35

Dong-Kyu(동규) is the commander of the fifth Black Winds group. He first apperead in chapter 35 after Han Bi Kwang threw away Flame Dragon Blade.

Appearance Edit

He wears Black Winds set of robe and a hat that cover his forehead and nose. On his face there are two black lines running down under his eye down to his moustache. He has a short beard.

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Relationships Edit

Cho Un-Hyun Edit

Han Bi Kwang In charge of protecting him.

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Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

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Weapons Edit

He uses sword.