Eun Seo Woo
Commander Eun
Character Information
Name Eun Seo Woo
Korea Name 은석우
Epithet 은총사(Eun Chong Sa)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation White Force
Jang Baek Mountain
Manga Debut Chapter 258

Eun Seo Woo(은석우) is in charge of Jang Baek Mountain after Sword Emperor disappearance.

Appearance Edit

He's a middle-aged man, with a "goat" beard


He's calm, serious, and highly intelligent

Cold outside but kind - hearted


One of Sword Emperor's loyal followers, in charge of Jang Baek Mountain after he went missing.

Call Dam Hwa Rin "young lady", he's like a family to her

He holds high respect for Guege


Story Edit

Treachery at Jang Baek Mountain ArcEdit

He first appeared chasing after Dam Hwa Rin and Han Bi Kwang when they arrived at the village in Jang Baek Mountain

He learnt about the commotion happening in Jang Baek Mountain (people from White Force attacked Guege) and cover up, do some investigation as well

When Guege is killed, he then makes a contract to co-operate with Sinji, arresting Me Yujin making Han Bi Kwang wounded trying to kill Dam Hwa Rin but unsuccessful thanks to her Armor

After hearing the answer from Han Bi Kwang when offering him a chance to run and leave Dam Hwa Rin, it turns out that all his actions are an act and never intend to betray Jang Baek Mountain. He finishes most of the betrayers, and gaining the information about Jang Baek force's betrayal from Kwan Jun Hyong

After Hwa Rin sneaked out to follow Han Bi Kwang, he asked Me Yujin to follow and leave traces behind. He asked Kwan Jun Hyong to send a letter to Cheon Ma Sin Gun and in return, Cheon Ma sent Hong-Kyun The Seventh Black Winds Commander. Eun asked Song Mu Guild to escort them to Jang Baek Mountain, made an agreement with Hong-Kyun and lead Jang Baek Mountain, along with the Seventh Black Winds, to Sinji and reunite with Sword Emperor, Dam Hwa Rin

Weapons Edit

Sword is his choice of weapon