Flame Dragon Blade
Flame Dragon Blade
Item Information
Name Flame Dragon Blade
Korea Name 화룡도
Romanized Name Hwa Lyong Do
Owner Han Bi Kwang
Status Awakened (and in control ch 305)
Ability Burn everything to ashes
Type Blade
Manga Debut Chapter 7 (Was inside a Box)

Chapter 12-13 (First Appearence outside of the Box)

One of Murim's Eight Sacred Treasures. Said to be the strongest of them all.

Owner Edit

Han Bi Kwang is its current owner, only the one that it chose as its master can use it, others who use it as a weapon will be burned.

Awakened Edit

Flame Dragon Blade has been fully awakend by Han Bi Kwang

Ability Edit

As the name suggests it contains a fiery dragon with it's own personality and abilities. As a flame dragon, the blade is capable of producing extraordinary flames that are capable of burning even the strongest of opponents. The blade refuses to be used by anyone it does not acknowledge by burning them to death, which has helped reinforce it's image as the most special of the sacred treasures (the title Dojon is given to the one who becomes master of this blade). In order for the chosen master of flame dragon blade to use it's great power, they need to have a massive amount of Ki themselves. Whilst the blade is an entity on it's own, in order to awaken it needs to use the power of it's master as well. Conversely, the user of the blade can also use flame dragons power, not only via the blade but through their own body. Like the other sacred weapons, it seems the powers of the weapon becomes an extension of the bearer. Also, like all sacred treasures the blade appears to be indestructible.

History Edit

It's said that it once belong to Po Mun Geol the previous Dojong but later on it was in Cheon Ma Sin Gun's possession. Later on Cheon Ma Sin Gun gave the blade to Han Bi Kwang and it then acknowled him as its true master.