Beak Li Sau
Character Information
Name Beak Li Sau
Korea Name 백리사우
Epithet Beggar (괴개 Gue-gue)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon Bare-Fist
Affiliation White Force
Manga Debut Chapter 260

Gue-gue(괴개) or "Beggar"(English), real name is Beak Li Sau(백리사우) is one of the Five White Sages. He's the one whom teaches Han Bi Kwang hand to hand combat and Ki sensing. Was latter killed by Sinji after passing down all his martial arts to Kwang.


At first, he appeared to be an old beggar but seemed young. His real age was 90 years old he seemed young due to ''Keksusinchon'' aka. Heavenly pure technique (English) a martial art skills he mastered. After he passed his techniques to Han Bi Kwang, his true form of being an old man appeared.


He was a man who has a joyous aura and preferred to had a monastic life inside a cave after he disbanded his guild. Once became serious in fighting with the Sinji warriors he demonstrated a formidable level of martial art skills.

Relationships Edit

Has a Love-Hate relationship with his son Bek Li Hyang. He also doesn't hate Cheon Ma even though he was deeply shamed by him.

Kwang, later, was appointed as his successor.

History Edit

Former guild master of the Samda which at that time was the second largest White force guild. After facing Cheon Ma Sin Gun and the Black Winds he willingly surrenders the guild to the Black force. And decides to alienate himself from the Murim. This decision leads his son Bek Li Hyang to hate him and turns him towards Sinji's side.

After his son's death, he decided to appoint Kwang as his successor. Before his death, he passed on all his techniques to Kwang.

Weapons Edit

Bare Hand. His specialization was hand to hand combat. One of his signature moves is fist of a hundred gales and heavenly sword kick. This technique was later passed onto Kwang.

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