Han Bi Kwang
Han Bi Kwang
Character Information
Name Han Bi Kwang
Korea Name 한비광
Epithet The sixth disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun,
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Flame Dragon Blade
Affiliation Black Force,
White Force,
Neutral Force,
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Han Bi Kwang(한비광) is the main male protagonist and is the son of the Sword Demon and Hui Yeon[1]. He is the disciple of many renowned martial artists in Murim such as Cheon Ma Sin Gun (as the sixth disciple), Do-Jeh (for a brief period[2] before being disown after learning of Kwang's relation to Cheon Ma Sin Gun[3]), Gue-gue (After passing all of his knowledge of Martial arts to Kwang[4]), etc. He was also taught by Geum-hwang in order to help settle a duel dispute with Cheon Ma Sin Gun in his youth. He is one of the few martial artists in Murim that is permitted to touch the Flame Dragon Blade by the weapon itself as well as it's current wielder. His love for Dam Hwa Rin is the what always pushes him to his limit, therefore unlocking his potential for martial arts.

Appearance Edit

His hair is neatly tied up and forms a ponytail with some straws of the fringe sticking out. Always carrying Flame Dragon Blade on his back.

Personality Edit

At first he appeared to be a womaniser and a pervert, chasing after other beautiful ladies as soon as he sees one to ask them to go out with him as well as groping a lady in broad day light. Will keep his word when women are involved.

Always runs away from a fight or uses some of his tricks to get out of it and is seen as an idiot but at the same time cunning and smart.

After falling for Dam Hwa Rin Kwang started to take everything more seriously to prove his worth to her, to show he only has eyes for her and would never do anything that would hurt or put her in danger.


His goal (initially) is to marry a beautiful lady and settle down somewhere peacefully.

Relationships Edit

Dam Hwa RinEdit

She accompanies him throughout the majority of the story and is Han Bi-Kwang's love interest. It is clear throughout the story that the two characters are growing close which eventually leads to them having feelings for each other. She is also the one who teaches him the basics of the Jang Baek Style. She is willing to give up her life to save Kwang.

Cheon Ma Sin GunEdit

Han Bi-Kwang is the 6th disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, who is the official leader of the black force. Although Han Bi-Kwang is his disciple he tends to journey off on his own and learn techniques from other masters. He was hinted to appoint Kwang as his successor as he gave Kwang the Flame Dragon Blade.


Geum-hwang gave Kwang the book of Jang Baek Style after being saved by Kwang as well as teaching him the Jang Baek Style, which Kwang later on gave to Dam Hwa Rin.

Dan Wu-HyeonEdit

Kwang's Father-In-Law after Bu Young, Dan Wu-Hyeon's daughter told him a lie that they had slept together. Kwang learned Freezing Palm by watching Dan Wu-Hyeon use it once. Kwang later received a book containing some of Northern Ice Castle martial arts which Kwang was supposed to give to Dam Hwa Rin as an apology from Dan Wu-Hyeon for freezing her.

Bu YoungEdit

She told her father, Dan Wu-Hyeon that Kwang had a one night stand with her in order for her to avoid her father. Kwang later lied that they had made a baby in order to get back at her. Later in the story Kwang is shown to be afraid of her (thinks she is crazy) and always tries to run or hide from her.

Yu Won-ChanEdit

At first he appeared as an enemy, Kwang learned most of the Song Mu clan's martial arts from him by copying him. As the story process they then become friends and Kwang even protects Song Mu clan from their destruction against Jin Pung Baek.


He was Kwang's drinking companion and also one of the few people that took care of Kwang when Kwang was unconscious, he also accompanied Kwang for a while on Kwang's journey.


After Kwang gave her alcohol to drink, they end up sleeping in the same bed, as they woke up Kwang was forced to take responsibility by becoming her "husband". Later on she runs away from him for Choi Sang-hwe.


She was one of the few people that took care of Kwang when Kwang was unconscious and also accompanied Kwang for a while on Kwang's journey.


After Kwang lost to Yu Se Ha, he ran away and met Do-Jeh, Kwang then learned some of the basic martial arts from him after he made Kwang his unofficial apprentice.

Yu Se HaEdit

At first Kwang hates him, but later came to call him Brother-in-law after he said he will leave Dam Hwa Rin in Kwang's care.


At first Noho wanted to defeat Kwang but as the story progress they then become good friends.


Han Bi-Kwang learned hand to hand combat from him as well as sensing Ki. Kwang seems to care a great deal about him since he was very angry and upset when he learned that his master was murdered.

Sword DemonEdit

Sword Demon is the father of Han Bi Kwang.

Hui YeonEdit

She's Kwang's mother. She was preserved in an ice shell. However, after meeting with Kwang and Dam Hwa Rin, she finally dies peacefully.

History Edit

In the beginning, Kwang is known as Cheon Ma Sin Gun's disciple but refuses to return to Cheon Ma's side and usually runs off by himself. It's also known that he saved Cheon Ma Sin Gun and Geum-hwang when the two are said to have fought to the death. Later in the story there was a flashback in which shows Geum-hwang and Cheon Ma Sin Gun teaching Kwang their respective martial arts.

Kwang learned the Air Step (Light Feather or Body Alleviation Technique) from his father, and also the reason Kwang dislikes fighting was because his father told him Murim is a scary place and that he should run before he fights.

According to Kwang his parents were hunters and they were killed by a bear. Later on Kwang remembered that his mother were killed by the people of White Force as revenge against his father for the event that happened 20 years ago. Kwang's father then sealed away Kwang's memories in hope that Kwang would forget about all the painful memories and live a peaceful life.

Plot Edit

The Demon Sword Arc Edit

Meeting the "Handsome Swordman" Edit

The story begins with Hong-Kyun, Kwang's protector and commander of the seventh Black Winds division, attempting to persuade Kwang to return to their Lord and Master, Cheon Ma Sin Gun, side so that they can travel together back to their castle and be able to begin trainning Kwang as the sixth disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun in order to repaid Kwang for saving Cheon Ma Sin Gun's life. Kwang dismiss Hong-Kyun and his fellow Black Winds, ordering them to tell Cheon Ma Sin Gun, that he will not leave the town he refer to as "Paradise" because he only want "Freedom".

Finally free of the Black Winds accompanying him, he set out to satisfy his lecherous desire in which he met the "Handsome Swordman". Jealous of the "Handsome Swordman", he intervene in Hyang Wulh attempt at seducing the "Handsome Swordman" while pervertedly touching Wulh's body. After being discipline by Wulh, who left after slapping Kwang in the face, both Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" were approach by a member of the Song Mu Guild who hired "Ghost Blood-Thirsty Swordman", an Assassin, to retrieve the "Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword" from the "Handsome Swordman". After witnessing the technique used by the "Handsome Swordman" to kill the Assassin, he mutter to himself the name of the technique as the Jang Baek Style to the astonishment of the "Handsome Swordman" who confront Kwang on how does he knows in which Kwang answer from meeting an old man. Threaten by the "Handsome Swordman" because Kwang's refusal to give out the location of the old man due to a promise to keep their meeting a secret, Kwang propose a deal with the "Handsome Swordman" that he tell "him" everything if "he" introduce Kwang to some beautiful women.[5]

The night of the Meeting Edit

During the quest for Kwang to meet some beautiful women, in which the "Handsome Swordman" reluctantly accompany him, they meet Bu Young where Kwang attempt to flirt only resulted in a kick to the face. After further futile attempts at flirting with the local women, Kwang confront the "Handsome Swordman"as to why "he" isn't helping him in which the "Handsome Swordman" drop a painting of a beautiful woman which Kwang instantly fallen for. When learning that the beautiful woman is the sister of the "Handsome Swordman", he immediately request to be introduce to her promising to the "Handsome Swordman" that he will tell "him" the location of the old man in which the "Handsome Swordman" agree by the lake of the town entrance.

While heading toward the lake, Kwang encounter Bu Young who is bathing naked which he immediately hide behind a tree to spy some more but was quickly discover by Ji Yun Eun who attempt to discipline Kwang fail after being slash by Hong-Kyun who appear with the Black Winds in order to protect their young master.[6] When Hong-Kyun was about to kill Ji Yun Eun and Bu Young, Kwang immediately halt the Black Winds and dismiss them. After diffusing the conflict and seeing off Ji Yun Eun and Bu Young, he quickly head toward the lake as he suddenly realise how late he was.

After arriving at the Lake, Kwang couldn't help but notice how late the "Handsome Swordman" and his sister are resulting him questioning of being deceive but was interrupt by the beauty he wishes to meet who introduce herself as Dam Hwa Rin. Hwa Rin begins to ask Kwang for the location of her grandfather but was interrupt by Kwang's delusion as well by Jin Sang-Pil, who follow her to the lake. Learning that Jin Sang-Pil and the Song Mu Guild are working together to get the "Handsome Swordman"'s Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword, he quickly propose a deal to Jin Sang-Pil to let Hwa Rin go before agreeing to tell them where the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword is (surprising Jin Sang-Pil who wasn't told the reason why he was hired by the Song Mu Guild) in which Jin Sang-Pil agree to. After seeing off Hwa Rin and learning that the Black Winds are no where to be found, he propose a strategy to Jin Sang-Pil on how to confront the "Handsome Swordman" in order to successfully retrieve the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword by helping them lure the "Handsome Swordman" to the restaurant near the town entrance with the deal of sparing Kwang's life and a cut of Jin Sang-Pil's reward.[7]

Heading back to the Inn where Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" are staying at, Kwang deceive the "Handsome Swordman" into believing that "his" grandfather is being attack at the restaurant near the town entrance while waiting for Hwa Rin. Getting impatient from waiting for Hwa Rin to turn up, Kwang decide to look into the belonging of "Handsome Swordman" and discover woman's undergarment concluding the "Handsome Swordman" must be a pervert like Kwang. When the "Handsome Swordman" come back to confront Kwang of his treachery and collapse due to injuries sustained at the restaurant, Kwang decide to save "him" and carry "him" off to Kwang's Shack House (the same Shack House where Kwang save both Cheon Ma Sin Gun and Geum-hwang).

Treatment at the Shack House Edit

After arriving at the Shack House, Kwang immediately attempt to use the same medicine he use to save both Cheon Ma Sin Gun and Geum-hwang to save the "Handsome Swordman" but discover a secret of the "Handsome Swordman" when attempting to undress "him" in order to treat him and jokingly conclude the "Handsome Swordman" as a hermaphrodite.[8]

Jang Baek Style Manuscript Edit

While waiting for the "Handsome Swordman" to wake up for two days, Kwang was curious as to why there were many martial artists going after the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword so he decide to test the sword out, displaying amazing sword skills, but was interrupted when the "Handsome Swordman" approach Kwang, take "his" sword back and confront Kwang on why Kwang conceal the fact that Kwang is also a skilled martial artist and if Kwang was also after the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword in which Kwang deny. In an attempt to prove Kwang isn't involved with Jin Sang-Pil and the Song Mu Guild, he give the "Handsome Swordman" the Jang Baek Style Manuscript after mistakenly given a perverted book the first time stating that Kwang was holding on to the Jang Baek Style Manuscript until Kwang meets another martial artist, skilled in the Jang Baek Style, whom ever wanted to find Geum-hwang. Lying to the "Handsome Swordman" that Kwang sent "him" to the ambush at the restaurant to test "his" skills in the art of Jang Baek Style. Kwang deduce that the "Handsome Swordman" must be the successor to Geum-hwang, the strongest of the Five White Sages, due to "his" abilities of the Jang Baek Style as well as accusing Geum-hwang of being a hypocrite for famously declaring in Murim that he will have no successor which will damage Geum-hwang's reputation. However, the "Handsome Swordman" reveal that Geum-hwang is "his" grandfather and that "he" is searching for Geum-hwang after not heard from him for two years.[9]

Bonding with the "Handsome Swordman" Edit

During the next morning, Kwang wake up early in order to find ingredients to make medicine for the "Handsome Swordman". One of the ingredients turn out to be a snake to the dismay of the "Handsome Swordman" which Kwang tease the "Handsome Swordman" for being able to kill people without blinking an eye but crys like a girl when "he" sees a snake, resulting the "Handsome Swordman" to lash out out Kwang but stop when "he" notice Kwang's hands sustaining bite marks from the snake and learning Kwang wasn't good at hunting snakes. Feeling thankful for Kwang's efforts, the "Handsome Swordman" slash at Kwang's hands, to Kwang's dismay, and offer to suck out all of the venom out of Kwang's wound resulting Kwang's heart beating rapidly when noticing how feminine the "Handsome Swordman" is. Being distracted by their moment, they fail to realise of being discovered by Pyo-Gon and his "Dogs of the Black Ghost".[10]

The Flame Dragon Blade Edit

After returning to the Shack House, the "Handsome Swordman" immediately confront Kwang as to when Kwang is going to tell where Geum-hwang is to fulfill the promise made four days ago but was interrupted when Jin Sang-Pil and his followers launch an attack of flaming arrows at the Shack House. When noticing how outnumbered they are, Kwang propose to hand over the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword in order to save their lives but the "Handsome Swordman" strongly deny the proposal as the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword holds some kind of secret as well as the key to finding "his" grandfather, rebuking that "he" rather die than give the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword to Jin Sang-Pil. Admiring the "Handsome Swordman"'s resolve, he quickly reveal to the "Handsome Swordman" the other option to their predicament: a secret tunnel underneath the Shack House leading out to the forest. Before going, Kwang lift up his bed to reveal the box of the Flame Dragon Blade. When question by the "Handsome Swordman" of the content of the box, Kwang reply that it is a hidden treasure and take the box with them.

The Light Feather Body Alleviating Technique Edit

Exiting the secret cave tunnel and explained by Kwang that they arrive at the other side of the hill, behind the Shack House, the "Handsome Swordman" question Kwang as to why Kwang build a secret cave tunnel suspecting that Kwang is a criminal escaping from the Law which Kwang rebuked that he build the secret cave tunnel so that he could bring girls into his house and sneak away after he is done. Sadden by the lost of Shack House, Kwang assume that as long as the Shack House is burning, Jin Sang-Pil and his followers won't suspect anything while revealing to the "Handsome Swordman" that he knew Jin Sang-Pil and his followers would find them sooner or later and planned to lose them by pretending to be cornered in the burning Shack House but escaping underground. However, Jin Sang-Pil and his followers were able to track them down thanks to Pyo-Gon and his Dogs of the Black Ghost which quickly attack the pair, surprising Kwang at how easily the Dogs of the Black Ghost were at destroying boulders. Learning that the Dogs of the Black Ghost were able to track them down easily because of Pyo-Gon obtaining the cloth with the "Handsome Swordman"'s blood from "his" battle with Jin Sang-Pil, who detect a scent of a woman from the cloth, Kwang jokes about the "Handsome Swordman" having been with so many women, that "he" even smell like one. Unable to tolerate their insolence, Jin Sang-Pil quickly order Pyo-Gon to attack the pair. Learning that the Dogs of the Black Ghost's iron spell is nullified by the special ability of the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword (It possesses the ability to nullify all kind of magic) which shock everyone, Kwang took advantage of the situation and quickly up come with a plan to escape using the abilities of Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword and their body alleviating technique surprising everyone of his amazing lightfeather body alleviating technique by climbing a mountain within seconds.[11]

After successfully escaping, "Handsome Swordman" ask Kwang how did he managed to scaled the mountain within seconds as well as why does Kwang always flee without fighting when he is clearly no ordinary person to which Kwang reply what if he die or get hurt. Afterwards, Kwang try to negotiate "payment" for his services so far declaring what idiot would work for nothing but was interrupted by a flying boulder being thrown by Dong Woo, a follower of Jin Sang-Pil. Shock by the monstrous strength of Dong Woo and noticing their path ahead is cut off by the Song Mu Guild, Kwang quickly come up with the plan to jump to the other side of the mountain, which terrify the "Handsome Swordman" who notice the great distance between the two side of the mountain.[12]

Knowing that there are no alternative but death, Kwang attempt to leap toward the other side of the mountain, surprising everyone again of his amazing lightfeather body alleviating technique, but barely managing to grab hold of the edge of the cliff stating that if the "Handsome Swordman" doesn't get off Kwang and climb up the cliff in time, they will fall down to their deaths. Desperate to not lose the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword, Jin Sang-Pil order Jin-Gyung, a follower of Jin Sang-Pil, to stop Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" from escaping them. Jin-Gyung successfully feint and trick the "Handsome Swordman" to retaliate against his flying rope dagger with the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword in order to wrap the rope around the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword. Seeing the "Handsome Swordman" being pull away, Kwang plead with the "Handsome Swordman" to let go of the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword as it isn't worth the "Handsome Swordman"'s life. The "Handsome Swordman" stubbornly choose to die than to give up the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword, forcing Kwang to yield and offer his hand for the "Handsome Swordman" to grab onto but instead the "Handsome Swordman" grab onto the box of the Flame Dragon Blade which is currently at the back of Kwang with it's attached rope tied around the neck of Kwang creating a funny scene of Kwang being choked by the "Handsome Swordman" by accident with Jin Sang-Pil telling Jin-Gyung to start pulling the rope to get the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword. Once again, Kwang plead with the "Handsome Swordman" to let go of the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword which the "Handsome Swordman" still stubbornly declare that "he" will not let go of the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword, even if "he" die to which Kwang comment "if you want to die so badly, die alone!". Unable to wait any longer, Dong Woo offer his help to pull the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword away from the "Handsome Swordman". Unable to continue the struggle due to his injuries, the "Handsome Swordman" lose hold of "his" grip of both the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword and the box of the Flame Dragon Blade and proceed to fall down to "his" doom while being unconscious. Kwang quickly jump down to grab hold of the "Handsome Swordman" and struggle to grip onto the wall of the cliff. Taking advantage of Kwang's predicament, Jin Sang-Pil immediately order Jin-Gyung to finish them off but when Jin-Gyung throw his flying rope dagger towards Kwang, Kwang dodge the attack by jumping onto the rope as the dagger is stuck on the wall of the cliff. Thanking Jin-Gyungfor the rope, Kwang quickly try to escape from his predicament but instead Jin Sang-Pil choose engage Kwang on the rope.[13]

After a short engagement, Jin Sang-Pil conclude that Kwang is hiding his skill and too much of a threat to be left alive but Kwang assure Jin Sang-Pil that he doesn't care for such things as revenge and propose a deal if Jin Sang-Pil let them go, then Kwang will stay out of his business forever. Jin Sang-Pil agree to the deal and offer a handshake with Kwang but once Jin Sang-Pil got hold of Kwang's hand, he treachery attack Kwang and manage to land a devastating blow to Kwang which result Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" falling down to their doom.

The resilient Han Bi Kwang Edit

Against all odds, Kwang proves to be one resilient person as he somehow grab onto the wall of the cliff despite falling down with heavy injuries as well as carrying an injured and unconscious person on his shoulders. Kwang discover a cave and quickly take shelter inside and collapse onto "Handsome Swordman"'s chest. When the "Handsome Swordman" wake up, "he" discover that Kwang is lying down on "his" chest and quickly attempt to confront Kwang for his perverted antic but stop when discovering how severe the injuries of an unconscious Kwang are and grateful towards Kwang for risking himself to save "him".[14]

Nursing back to health Edit

After repositioning Kwang from the floor to the wall of the cave, the "Handsome Swordman" attempts to apply bandage to Kwang's wound and notice Kwang has lost a lot of blood. When the unconscious Kwang crys out how cold the surrounding are, the "Handsome Swordman" decided to use "his" body to keep Kwang warm. Kwang briefly wakes up to touch the "Handsome Swordman"'s chest which resulted being discipline for his perverted antic. The "Handsome Swordman" also fall asleep while caring for Kwang.

Kwang wakes up after a droplet from the cave's ceiling landed on his head, discovering that the "Handsome Swordman" had care for him the whole night. While Kwang tries to sit up straight, he suddenly feel a strong pain in his chest which reminds him of the devastating blow he received from Jin Sang-Pil who he remark as one hell of an evil guy.[15]

When the "Handsome Swordman" wake up, "he" thank Kwang for risking his life for "him" and quickly attempt to set out to get back the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword from Jin Sang-Pil and his followers. Kwang attempt to persuade to stop the "Handsome Swordman" but fail due to the "Handsome Swordman"'s stubborn resolve. To repaid Kwang's kindness, the "Handsome Swordman" give the painting of Dam Hwa Rin as a gift. Unable to let the "Handsome Swordman" face great danger alone, Kwang stop and return to "him" the painting claiming that he prefer to see Dam Hwa Rin in the flesh and decide to follow the till "Handsome Swordman" the end to thank "him" for taking care of Kwang while he was injured.

Meeting the Guild Master of Song Mu Guild Edit

While carrying the reluctant "Handsome Swordman" as Kwang use his lightfeather body alleviating technique to quickly gain pace to chase after Jin Sang-Pil and his followers, they accidentally land on top of Yu Won-Chan, the Guild Master of Song Mu Guild. Suspicious of Yu Won-Chan, Kwang didn't wanted to cooperate with the Guild Master and was very disrespectful resulting a bickering between Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" about his manners.[16]

Parting with Yu Won-Chan, the "Handsome Swordman" curiously ask Kwang why Kwang isn't talking to Yu Won-Chan who is the Guild Master of Song Mu Guild, one of many huge and powerful Guild of the White Force, in which Kwang replies looking at Yu Won-Chan's face shattered his dream of becoming a Ladies' man since Yu Won-Chan looks handsome. In addition to worrying that Yu Won-Chan might seduce Dam Hwa Rin, who Kwang self proclaimed as his wife which the "Handsome Swordman" to be mad at Kwang and threatening to leave Kwang side but stop when Kwang boasted that with his knowledge of the area, he can predict where Jin Sang-Pil and his followers are likely are. When the "Handsome Swordman" doubt him, Kwang overconfidently claim Jin Sang-Pil and his followers could be somewhere near in front of them which turn out to be true surprising everyone.

The treasure sword of Cheon Ma Sin Gun Edit

Walking into their enemies by pure luck, the "Handsome Swordman" quickly demand Jin Sang-Pil to give "his" sword back. Surprise that Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" are still alive, Jin Sang-Pil was about to strike at them knowing that they are injured but interrupted by Kwang who propose an exchange to Jin Sang-Pil that Kwang can guide Jin Sang-Pil and his followers safely out of the mountain, which is currently surrounded by Song Mu Guild martial artists in order to catch Jin Sang-Pil and his followers, in return for the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword. Knowing that Jin Sang-Pil doesn't trust him, Kwang offer to Jin Sang-Pil give something else of equal value to the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword which was the Flame Dragon Blade to the surprise of Jin Sang-Pil who doesn't believe that the famous Flame Dragon Blade, which is the personal priceless treasure of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, is in the hands of Kwang. In addition, Jin Sang-Pil was offended by Kwang's impoliteness to refer to Cheon Ma Sin Gun as "old man" and attack Kwang as well as ordering his followers to not let Kwang and the "Handsome Swordman" escape. Pyo-Gon obediently order his Dogs of the Black Ghost to attack Kwang to which the "Handsome Swordman" tries to attack the Dogs of the Black Ghost with an ordinary sword but was repel by the Dogs of the Black Ghost's Iron Spell. Noticing that the force of the recoil damage is launching the "Handsome Swordman" to hit the wall of a cliff, Kwang leaps toward the "Handsome Swordman" and shield the "Handsome Swordman" from the wall resulting himself injurying his back. Kwang lash out at Jin Sang-Pilasking why Jin Sang-Pil and his followers are attacking him when they are in the middle of talking to which Jin Sang-Pil replies he will kill them for insulting Cheon Ma Sin Gun, ordering his followers not to show mercy. To defend himself from the Dogs of the Black Ghost, Kwang throw the box of the Flame Dragon Blade toward the Dogs of the Black Ghost.[17]

The power of the Flame Dragon Blade Edit

Biting the box of the Flame Dragon Blade prove to be a huge mistake as the Flame Dragon Blade's Hellfire Dragon Form incinerate the Dogs of the Black Ghost into nothing to the astonishment of Jin Sang-Pil who aknowledge that it is indeed the famous Flame Dragon Blade. Seeing the real Flame Dragon Blade is right in front of them, Pyo-Gon leaps toward it in order to take Flame Dragon Blade for themselves which Jin Sang-Pil tries to stop Pyo-Gon from touching the Flame Dragon Blade to no prevail as the Flame Dragon Blade immediately incinerate Pyo-Gon for touching the Flame Dragon Blade without it's consent. Jin Sang-Pil concluded that Kwang must be related to Cheon Ma Sin Gun if the famous Flame Dragon Blade is in his hands. Witnessing the death of Pyo-Gon, Kwang blames themselves for seeking their own death rather than it is Kwang's fault. Noticing Kwang's back injuries, the "Handsome Swordman" offer to take Kwang to safety but Kwang refuse claiming he will personally make Jin Sang-Pil give the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword back to "Handsome Swordman". Feeling indebted to Kwang's effort, the "Handsome Swordman" take it upon "himself" to attack Jin Sang-Pil in order to get "his" Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword back.

After a short clash between the "Handsome Swordman" and Jin Sang-Pil, Jin Sang-Pil struggles to knock the "Handsome Swordman" out of conscious. Kwang quickly intercept and punch Jin Sang-Pil's face to get Jin Sang-Pil away from the unconscious "Handsome Swordman" and attempt to carry the "Handsome Swordman" away to safety. Determine to fight Jin Sang-Pil and his followers, Kwang attempt to pick up his Flame Dragon Blade but was interrupt by Jin-Gyung who throw his flying rope dagger to wrap around Kwang's feet and disable him to the ground where Dong Woo attempt to smash Kwang with his mace but was knock back by the Black Winds.[18]

The return of the Black Winds Edit

Kwang was happy to see Hong-Kyun and the Black Winds return by his side but was amazed to see Jin Sang-Pil running away from Hong-Kyun who refer Jin Sang-Pil as Hyun Woo. Before Hong-Kyun could order the Black Winds to give chase to Hyun Woo, Kwang halt them claiming that Kwang know the area well enough that Hyun Woo can't get away from them no matter how hard Hyun Woo tries as Kwang is determine to fight Hyun Woo. Noticing how injured Kwang is, Hong-Kyun tries to persuade Kwang not to but Kwang was resolve to keep his promise to "Handsome Swordman" that Kwang will take back the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword in order to keep his words as that is Kwang's philosophy. Kwang pick up the Flame Dragon Blade despite how hot the Flame Dragon Blade is from incinerating his enemies earlier causing Hong-Kyun and the Black Winds to worry about Kwang and insist that Hyun Woo isn't someone Kwang should deal with causing Kwang to lash out against them that it is Kwang's business and he will not allow anyone else to interfere.

Learning that Kwang is one of the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, Jin-Gyung plead to Kwang out of mercy for Hyun Woo as everything Hyun Woo has done was out of loyalty for Cheon Ma Sin Gun. Annoyed Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo addressing Cheon Ma Sin Gun and Kwang with familiarity, the Black Winds wanted to punish them but was stop by Kwang, who admire their loyalty for Hyun Woo, order the Black Winds not to lay their hands on Hyun Woo's followers otherwise Kwang will not forgive the Black Winds earning the admiration of Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo but due to Kwang's pettiness to "get things off his chest", Kwang unleashed his fury against Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo.[19] Before setting out, Kwang ask Hong-Kyun and the Black Winds to take the "Handsome Swordman" to safety.

Meeting the Master of the Northern Ice Castle Edit

In search of Hyun Woo, Kwang dismiss the Black Winds but allow Hyun Woo's followers to accompany him. Midway, Kwang got distracted by the scent of a woman which he quickly follows and run into Bu Young who is surrounded by bandits. Attempting to run away, Bu Young quickly stop Kwang in hope to make use of Kwang against the bandits that wanted to take revenge against Bu Young for putting a lot of the bandits' friends in jail. During the confrontation between Bu Young and the bandits, Kwang was able to see "White Freezing Palm" Technique, one of the powerful skills from the North Ice Castle (Neutral Force) as well as concluding Bu Young to be one scary woman.

Ku Injun, the boss of the bandits, appear to challenge Bu Young to a duel after seeing the power of Bu Young's "White Freezing Palm" Technique and ridiculing the technique to be weak which offend Dan Wu-Hyeon, the Master of the Northern Ice Castle, who appear to look for his daughter, Bu Young. Dan Wu-Hyeon challenge Ku Injun to taste the power of the "White Freezing Palm" Technique resulting Ku Injun to be frozen to death to the astonishment of Kwang.

Afterward, Dan Wu-Hyeon confront his daughter, Bu Young, as to why Bu Young stole the secret scroll of the Northen Ice Castle and ran away. Fearing for his life, Kwang attempt to excuse himself of the situation to leave.[20] Bu Young seize the opportunity to stop Kwang and deceive Dan Wu-Hyeon that Bu Young and Kwang are lovers and that Bu Young stole the secret scroll of the Northen Ice Castle for Kwang which Kwang tries deny but fail when Bu Young continue the charade pretending to be heartbroken that it was all an one-night stand and leaving Kwang to deal with Dan Wu-Hyeon who believe every single lie of Bu Young and immediately confront Kwang. Feeling angry of Bu Young's deception, Kwang continue the charade by claiming that Kwang and Bu Young are indeed lovers and that Bu Young is pregnant with their child. Kwang boldly claim that they are very deeply passionate of each other and hopes Dan Wu-Hyeon will respect that and aknowledge Kwang as Dan Wu-Hyeon's Son-in-Law to which Dan Wu-Hyeon yield and approve. With the deception completed, Kwang attempt to excuse himself by claiming that Kwang has urgent business to deal with first before returning to the Northen Ice Castle and run away. Dan Wu-Hyeon attempts to chase after Kwang but was no match for Kwang's lightfeather body alleviating technique which left Dan Wu-Hyeon amazed that there are matrial artists in Murim that could be faster than Dan Wu-Hyeon and that Dan Wu-Hyeon's supposely Son-in-Law is very manly person.

After parting ways with Dan Wu-Hyeon to continue looking for Hyun Woo, Kwang link up with Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo and then stumble upon Bu Young who is surprise to see Kwang seperate from Dan Wu-Hyeon and unscathed. To paid back Bu Young for the earlier deception, Kwang deceive Bu Young that Bu Young shouldn't have left Kwang and Dan Wu-Hyeon as Kwang claims Dan Wu-Hyeon doesn't have the stamina to keep up with Kwang and Bu Young should have stay to protect such a weak old man. Seeing that Bu Young is starting to lose composure, Kwang continue the charade by assuring Bu Young that Kwang treated Dan Wu-Hyeon very nicely which Bu Young rebuke those claims to be lies as her father, Dan Wu-Hyeon, is the Master of the Northern Ice Castle and has never lost a a battle yet. Enjoying the moment, Kwang deliver the final blow by asking confidently to Bu Young if Bu Young think that Kwang is lying resulting in Bu Young fleeing to check up on the safety of Dan Wu-Hyeon. Astonished by what Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo have heard, they ask Kwang if Kwang really fight with the legendary Master of the Northern Ice Castle to which Kwang insists that Kwang treated Dan Wu-Hyeon very nicely resulting Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo to be scared by what Kwang means by that.

Rescuing Hyun Woo Edit

Slightly hearing Bu Young's shouting from far away that she will take revenge for Kwang's deception, Jin-Gyung curiously ask Kwang as to what the shouting was about which Kwang reassure them not to worry about it as it is some dog must be barking somewhere while muttering Bu Young as a flapper. Being more curious about Kwang, Jin-Gyung ask Kwang as to why Kwang is personally going after Hyun Woo when Kwang can easily command the Black Winds to do it instead.[21] Kwang reply that if Kwang don't go to such lengths, how can Kwang steal the heart of a woman who has a boyfriend to the surprise of Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo.[22]

Upon discovery of Hyun Woo being attack by members of the Yu Sun Guild, Kwang, Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo quickly attack the members of the Yu Sun Guild in order to rescue Hyun Woo and succeed. Surprise that Kwang and his followers are together saving him, Hyun Woo ask Kwang as to why Kwang is helping him to which Kwang if Hyun Woo isn't happy to be rescue but want to die instead which Hyun Woo insist Hyun Woo will gladly offer his life to relieve himself of his sin against Kwang, who Hyun Woo now refer to as young master because of Kwang being the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, but Kwang reject the idea claiming that Kwang doesn't have hobbies like that and that all Kwang needs is the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword back and that Hyun Woo should run away with Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo. Dejected, Hyun Woo refuse Kwang as Hyun Woo refer himself as a traitor to the Black Winds that deserve the death punishment. Sympathetic to Hyun Woo, Kwang attempt to dissuade Hyun Woo from his grand faith as Kwang isn't interest in such trivial thing as faith and rambling that one of his interest is to get married to a wife with nice body and having a happy life to the incomprehension of Hyun Woo who can't understand Kwang but respect the fact that Kwang was chosen by Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

Meeting the Guild Master of the Yu Sun Guild Edit

While standing back and watching the conversation between Kwang and Hyun Woo , Jin-Gyung notice a blue head snake approaching them and quickly alert the whole group about the snake. Kwang didn't understand why everyone was shock by the appearance of the snake but Hyun Woo knows that the blue head snake is the leader of the Snake Trap which means they are all fallen under the Snake Trap. Afterwards, they are greeted by Shi Yeon, the Master of the Yu Sun Guild, and her followers. At first, Kwang was amazed at how beautiful Shi Yeon was but then Kwang was surprise at how Hyun Woo , Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo quickly assemble into battle formation in front of Kwang in order to shield Kwang from Shi Yeon and the Snake Trap which Hyun Woo informs Kwang about the trap. Shi Yeon assure the whole group that she has no intention of hurting anyone as long as Hyun Woo follow Shi Yeon to another area to talk in private. Jin-Gyung warn Hyun Woo not to follow Shi Yeon alone as Shi Yeon has a grudge against Hyun Woo so she will undoubtedly luring Hyun Woo to another trap. However, Hyun Woo decided to go since they are all under the Snake Trap, they will all die if Hyun Woo doesn't do as Shi Yeon say so Hyun Woo order Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo to escort Kwang out to safety as well as handing the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword back to Kwang and stating it was a honor to meet the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun and wish for the best for Kwang. Noticing how polite Hyun Woo was, Shi Yeon curiously ask if Kwang is Hyun Woo's boss to which Hyun Woo rebuke Shi Yeon for her slyness and demand Shi Yeon to let Kwang go as long as Hyun Woo come with Shi Yeon. Shi Yeon agree with Hyun Woo but secretly order her subordinate, Be-Hyun, to kill Kwang after Shi Yeon and Hyun Woo leave.

Seeing off Shi Yeon and Hyun Woo, Kwang praise Hyun Woo's loyalty toward Cheon Ma Sin Gun and the Black Winds and decide to quickly leave at once as Kwang has finally obtain the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword and meet lady Hwa Rin to the disappointment of Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo, who plead to Kwang to save Hyun Woo as they believe Kwang as the last option left to save Hyun Woo. Kwang insist that Kwang didn't want to interfere in another man's fight after Kwang has got what Kwang has set out to do to which Jin-Gyung explains that Hyun Woo was caste away from everyone in Murim and that everything Hyun Woo has done was for Hyun Woo loyalty to Cheon Ma Sin Gun but Kwang stubbornly insist it is Hyun Woo's problem, not Kwang's, and that Kwang has no time to waste as Kwang wants to see Hwa Rin but was halted by Be-Hyun who say it is time to eliminate Kwang's group. Annoy by the declaration, Kwang ask for the introduction of Be-Hyun but interrupted by Jin-Gyung inform Be-Hyun not to be rude as Kwang is the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun. After learning the background of Kwang, Be-Hyun dismiss the followers of Yu Sun Guild. Misinterpreting the situation, Kwang turn his back assuming everything to be over but was stop by Be-Hyun who ask Kwang if Kwang can block Be-Hyun's attacks with Kwang's back toward Be-Hyun.[23]

The Amazing Four of Yu Sun Guild Edit

Reluctant to fight, Kwang attempt to take advantage of his epithet as the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun to scare Be-Hyun that Be-Hyun might die if Be-Hyun insist on fighting Kwang to which Be-Hyun reply that Be-Hyun have already decide to thrown away his life for the sake of his master, Shi Yeon, and that if Kwang wants to leave, Kwang have to take Be-Hyun's neck first. Kwang continue to attempt to bluff his way out of the situation to no prevail as Be-Hyun begins to strike at Kwang but Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo intervene in order to protect Kwang. Pausing, Be-Hyun ask Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo to stay away as Be-Hyun doesn't wishes to hurt them as they all, including the dead Pyo-Gon, were former members of an elite group in Yu Sun Guild called "Amazing Four" but Jin-Gyung sharply ask Be-Hyun if Be-Hyun still haven't let go of his feelings for Shi Yeon causing Be-Hyun to hesitate to answer back. Noticing Be-Hyun's reaction, Jin-Gyung criticize Be-Hyun for being foolish because they are the "Amazing Four" of Yu Sun Guild, no matter how hard Be-Hyun tries, they are still mere servants so Shi Yeon wouldn't likely to give Be-Hyun any ounce of attention which Be-Hyun rebuke back by attacking Jin-Gyung and declaring that Be-Hyun will continue to follow Shi Yeon's orders.

Noticing how Be-Hyun appears to float in the air, Kwang curiously ask how Be-Hyun is able to do that to which Jin-Gyung reply that Be-Hyun is standing on top of Silver Wires as Be-Hyun can create somewhat of a web in the air for Be-Hyun to be able to stand on top of it and that Be-Hyun's Silver Wires are not only thin and sturdy but are also sharp enough to slice any average weapons to the dismay of Kwang as Kwang is learning the truth of that fact from first hand experience at attempting to dodge Be-Hyun's attacks, who attempts to prove to Kwang as to why Be-Hyun is known as the best of the "Amazing Four" of Yu Sun Guild, while damaging underwears that Kwang secretly stolen from Hwa Rin.

The Air Step Techinque Edit

Angry that his "treasure" that Kwang tried so hard to obtain, Kwang unsheathe the Flame Dragon Blade to attempt to attack Be-Hyun, who claims that it is impossible for Kwang to attack him from a far distance on the ground while is Be-Hyun floating above but is astonish as Kwang perform the Air Step Technique to come towards Be-Hyun. Concern for the safety of Kwang, Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo warns Kwang to be careful of approaching the web form up by the Silver Wires to which Kwang easily slash them away with the help of the Flame Dragon Blade to the surprise of everyone as the web is completely destroyed and proceed to attack Be-Hyun demonstrating amatuer skills to the extent that Kwang miss and end up landing on the ground with his face but because of Kwang's epithet as the disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, everyone misinterpreted Kwang for going easy against Be-Hyun. Concern for Kwang, Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo approach Kwang to assess if Kwang is alright which Kwang rebuke that Kwang isn't going to die easily and claims that Kwang is going to start taking the fight more seriously from now on.[24] However, Kwang keep on attacking Be-Hyun by swinging the Flame Dragon Blade aimlessly which Be-Hyun easily dodge and reassess the situation as to why Kwang is making such awkward attacks, concluding that Kwang might not know any martial arts at all which thoughts are shared with Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo as they too feel something is wrong with Kwang's attacks because if Kwang continue like that with an injured body then Kwang will eventually lose all his energy.

Suddenly, the fight was interrupted by a huge explosion from where Hyun Woo and Shi Yeon are presume to be at.[25] Shock by this turn of event, Be-Hyun immediately leave to find out if Shi Yeon is alright or not. Kwang attempt to stop Be-Hyun but trip over due to his clumsiness to the dismay of Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo. Noticing that Kwang must be exhausted, Jin-Gyung attempt to persuade Kwang to rest first but Kwang was eager to give chase to Be-Hyun and finish their fight so he proceed to use his lightfeather body alleviating technique to try and catch up to Be-Hyun while Jin-Gyung and Dong Woo were left behind to be amazed at Kwang's speed and determination.[26]

Confronting the Song Mu Guild Edit

Exhausted from chasing Be-Hyun, Kwang end up bumping into Yu Won-Chan and the Song Mu Guild who are in the middle of torturing Hyun Woo, who is now blinded due to Yu Won-Chan slashing his eyes, in an attempt to found out the location of the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword. Noticing the sword around Kwang's waist, Yu Won-Chan ask Kwang for confirmation if that is the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword which Kwang reply yes and ask back to Yu Won-Chan as to why Yu Won-Chan want to know while Hyun Woo shout at Kwang to run away to which Yu Won-Chan immediately throw his sword at Kwang to stop and kill Kwang. However, Kwang easily dodge the flying sword and complain back to Yu Won-Chan that his action was dangerous and rebuke that Yu Won-Chanshouldn't be throwing sword around without warning to which Yu Won-Chan is amazed at Kwang's stupidity. Attempting to regain his composure, Yu Won-Chan threaten Kwang to give him the "sword" which Kwang misinterpreted Yu Won-Chan as referring to the sword Yu Won-Chan just throw at him rather than the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword which Yu Won-Chan frustratedly shout to Kwang that he is referring to the Flower Fairy Conquering Demon Sword which Kwang laughs and rebuke to Yu Won-Chan that Kwang isn't going to give a sword that Kwang work so hard to get to Yu Won-Chan. Hyun Woo attempts to stop Yu Won-Chan and warns Kwang of the danger but was hit in the face and knock to the ground by Yu Won-Chan and give order for the Song Mu Guild to kill Kwang. Angry about the threats before him, Kwang retaliate against the Song Mu Guild, display sword skills that amazed the Song Mu Guild, and strike against Yu Won-Chan who quickly dodge the attacks and attempt to pick up his sword to fight back but instead watch Kwang flee. Yu Won-Chan immediately give orders for the Song Mu Guild to give chase against Kwang after finishing off Hyun Woo while Yu Won-Chan and his bodyguard chase after Kwang.[27]

Duel against the Guild Master of Song Mu Guild Edit

Due to how exhausted Kwang is by this point, the Song Mu Guild easily catch up to Kwang and surround him while Kwang curse himself for not knowing any martial arts and always running for his life. Left with no choice, Kwang attempt to force his way out of the ambush of the Song Mu Guild but use too much energy which left himself vulnerable for Yu Won-Chan who seize the advantage to catch up to Kwang and slash at Kwang's waist to prevent Kwang from running away. Just as Yu Won-Chan was about to deliver the killing blow, Kwang rebuke at how despicable Yu Won-Chan and the Song Mu Guild are at ganging up against one man as well as striking from behind him, questioning the honor of the Song Mu Guild of the Jung-Pa to which results in the discussion among members of the Song Mu Guild as to questioning their guild reputation. Attempting to quell the thought of how dishonorable the Song Mu Guild is, Yu Won-Chan offer to settle it with a duel between himself and Kwang which Kwang agrees to. Cautious to Kwang's abilities, Yu Won-Chan's bodyguards attempt to dissuade Yu Won-Chan from the duel but the confident Yu Won-Chan wanted to prove himself as the Guild Master of the Song Mu Guild and order the Song Mu Guild to form a circular wall around him and Kwang.

After forming up the wall around Kwang and Yu Won-Chan, the Song Mu Guild give space for them to have their duel which Kwang noticed and devise a plan to escape among the chaos after exchanging a few blows with Yu Won-Chan. Curious about Kwang's background, Yu Won-Chan ask Kwang as to who taught Kwang martial arts which Kwang replies that he has no teachers as he is a genius that learn martial arts from watching people and copying their movement. Disbelief of Kwang's answer that implying Kwang can learn something by seeing it once as Yu Won-Chan determine that all the techniques that Kwang display so far are difficult techniques that take years to master but yield that it is strange for Kwang's movements are not timed well enough to fluently use those techniques competently as if Kwang is an amateur at martial arts. Yu Won-Chan ridicule Kwang for his limited abilities as well as mentioning that Kwang is only good at running away so challenging the Guild Master of the Song Mu Guild with a lofty attitude is laughable, claiming that Yu Won-Chanwill easily dispose of Kwang. Noticing Yu Won-Chan preparing to attack Kwang, Kwang attempts to halt Yu Won-Chan but Kwang was too late as Yu Won-Chan launch himself at Kwang and attack Kwang. Cornered by Yu Won-Chan's attacks, Kwang attempt to force his way out of the attack but was left vulnerable for Yu Won-Chan who seize the chance to strike at Kwang's chest which results in Kwang being heavily injured and paralyzed to the ground. Taunting Kwang by asking Kwang if he finally know how the sky is, implying that Yu Won-Chan is the sky, Yu Won-Chan was about to deliver the killing blow but was interrupted by a voice which Kwang recognise as Hong-Kyun who threaten to kill Yu Won-Chan and the Song Mu Guild for their disrespect to his young master, Kwang, and his former comrade, Hyun Woo.[28]

The 7th Division of the Black Winds Edit

(To be continue by someone)




In chapter 28, Kwang had a duel against Yu Won-Chan, master of the Song Mu clan. This was also the first time Sinji was mentioned.

Duel at Hyun Bal Pa Arc Edit

In chapter 37 Kwang was poisoned by Byuk-Ryuk with explosive poison.

In chapter 41, after the exlosive poison trigered twice, Kwang was out cold for almost a month. He was able to wake up after unconsciously draining the Ki of three elders belonging to the Yu Sun clan after they tried to kill him, that's also the first time Kwang used Cheon Ma Bone-Dislocating Chi-Draining skill.

In chapter 53, Kwang had his first major battle, a duel against Chun Oon-ak that reprent White Force against Black Force. During the match, Kwang was poisoned by his Elder Martial Brother, Cho Un-Hyun as well as being under the effect of explosive poison by Byuk-Ryuk.

In chapter 57 Kwang remembered that Cheon Ma Sin Gun and Geum-hwang teaching him their respective Martial Art Style after he saved them and also the first time Sword Demon was mentioned as well as Kwang having the Demon's Blood running in his veins.

Kwang propose

In chapter 64, Kwang and Hwa Rin was dressed in Murim traditional clothes, it was the first time and also the last time they were dressed in that way(second time for Hwa Rin). Kwang then proposed to Hwa Rin but was ultimately turned down.

Legacy of the Ma Geum Rang Arc Edit

In chapter 68 Kwang discovered that Yu Se Ha also know Body Alleviation Technique in which remind Kwang of the time his father teached him the technique.

In chapter 69 Kwang challenged Yu Se Ha but end up losing and ran away.

In Chapter 71 Kwang encountered Do-Jeh for the first time, at first he tried to run from Do-Jeh but ultimately he was forced to became Do-Jeh's unofficial apprentice and learned some basic martial arts from Do-Jeh.

As the story progress, there was once a flashback which shows Kwang learning Body Alleviation Technique from his deceased father (as far as the story goes, Kwang's parents were both being killed by a bear).

Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok Arc Edit

Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

Six Dragon Gods of Jung Pa Arc Edit

Treachery at Jang Baek Mountain Arc Edit

Attack on Anmi Province Arc Edit

Salsung of the East Arc Edit

Guardian of San Hae Gok Arc Edit

Entering into Sinji Arc Edit

He met with the Sinji head, which was suspiciously looked like his father. When he, Dam Hwa Rin and Yu Me Jin was running away from an attack via a secret passage, they came to a room where Hui Yeon was kept. Upon seeing Hui Yeon, Kwang's "lost" memory about his parents came back and he recognises his parents. When Kwang was about to be attacked by his father, Hui Yeon's ice shell broke and Hui Yeon became alive, but very weak. Kwang's father managed to come to his senses and holds onto Hui Yeon. Hui Yeon was happy to see them and made Dam Hwa Rin promised to take care of Kwang when she is gone. After those final words, she just broke into small pieces of glasses.

This led to Kwang's father trying to kill Kwang again. It was then realised that Kwang's father had gave up his body to the sword demon in return to revive Hui Yeon. Hui Yeon was the only woman that could keep Kwang's father under control. As Hui Yeon has died, Kwang's father gave up too and therefore, the sword demon was now able to fully take over control of the body.

Abilities & Affiliations Edit

He has the unique ability to replicate any technique he has seen once and is able to master them in a day, which can take normal people months maybe even years. He also has a unique body and Ki flow, it allows him to learn any Martial Art Style he wishes.

Although he is technically from the Black Force he has mastered techniques from the black, white, Neutral Force and that of Sinji.

Kwang has two kind of Ki absorbing technique, one in which originate from Sinji and one from Cheon Ma Sin Gun.

He learnt Sin Gong from Gwak Jin Hyeon while at Ho Hyub Gok as a way of dealing with Thunder Child's exploding poison. Sin Gong is originally the technique of Jaha SinGong & is thought to be one of the most powerful in all Murim as it opposes traditional Martial arts. Both Cheon Ma Sin Gun & Sinji find it fearsome but it is thought to be a long lost art.

Black ForceEdit

Cheon Ma Style: Since he is a disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun he has learned and mastered many techniques from Cheon Ma. Although he refuses to return to Cheon MA to futher hone his skills. This is one of the more frequent styles he uses.

White ForceEdit

Jang Baek Style: It's shown in a flashback that Geum-hwang teached him the Jang Baek Style and later gave him the book so that he can pass it to the one that know Jang Baek Style, which is Dam Hwa Rin. He then goes on to learn the basics of the Jang Baek Style from the Sword Emperor's grand daughter, Dam Hwa Rin. This is one of the more freqent style he uses.

Illusion Sword: This style belongs to the Song Mu clan that Kwang learned in a duel against Yu Won-Chan.

Byuk Pong Style: During the battle against Chun Oon-ak Kwang used some martial arts which belong to the Buyk Pong clan.

Keksusinchon Style: Gue-gue, the master of this style, decided it was time to pass on all of his techniques and made the decision that Han Bi-Kwang was the correct person to pass it on too.

Neutral ForceEdit

North Sea Ice Castle Style: He picked up on this style by watching and copying the owner of the North Sea Ice Castle, Dan Wu-Hyeon.


The Air Step (Light Feather or Body Alleviation Technique) is the technique that he is mostly noted for. It allows him to move faster than top tier characters such as, the Six Dragon Gods. It was apparently taught to him by his deceased father. So far there has been only a few characters that have come close to his speed. He also has another skill in which it absorb the Ki of other person.

Weapons Edit

Flame Dragon BladeEdit

The Flame Dragon Blade is one of the Eight Sacred Treasures that originated from Sinji. The blade was given to him by Cheon Ma Sin Gun with the idea that he would become his successor. At first he had no control over the blade and would sometimes lose conciousness whenever the blade took over. By finally mastering the blade and fully awakening it, he was able to tap into power that far surpasses what he could have done in the past without it. By using the blade he is able to control flames that are said to come from hell itself and they usually take the form of a dragon. The blade has chosen Han Bi-Kwang as its master hence it releases flames that harms any onther than Kwang shall they use it as a weapon.

Trivia: Edit

Kwang had his first experience with a boulder, he ended up destroying it.

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