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Character Information
Name Hong-Kyun
Korea Name 홍균
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Hong-Kyu(홍균) is the commander of the seventh Black Winds division.

Appearance: Edit

He has a scar running across his face and always wear the Black Winds set of robe.

Personality: Edit

He has a serious personality.

Relationships: Edit

He's the commander of the seventh Black Winds group who's in charge of protecting Han Bi Kwang.

Are Martial Arts Brothers with Hyun Woo.

Is rival with Kwon Dong Hee.

History: Edit

Ten years ago when he was still in the fourth divisions of Black Winds they had a clash with Song Mu guild for control of the Southern area of Murim, the battle result in heavy losses on both side as well as a stop to Cheon Ma Sin Gun's goal of unifying Murim. The scar on his face was from that battle done by Kwon Dong Hee.

Weapons: Edit

He uses swords as his weapon of choice.

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