Hwan Young Guild
Name Hwan Young Guild
Head Yeob Min Cheon

Depending in translation also known as Hwan Young Mun, Phantom sect and Hwanyoung group. It is first mention in chapter 65 when one of their members report to Yahk-Sun on his findings on Han Bi Kwang and mentions that they are in great dept to him (Yahk-Sun).


Latter on it is revealed that they were saved from unknown disease by Yahk-Sun. It is later revealed that they are splinter group of Sinji, more precisely Hwanjong Clan.


Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit


Throughout Murim they are known for their ability to disguise, infiltration and information gathering, all of which made them distrusted, disrespected and unpopular among other more martial guilds.


Yeob Min Cheon

Uho Beob

Ex MembersEdit

Kwan Jun Hyong