Hyun Woo
Jin Sang Pil
Character Information
Name Hyun Woo
Korea Name 현우
Epithet Gold Cobra(금산독안Geum San Do Gan)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon Claw
Affiliation Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Also known as Jin Sang-Pil(진상필) and goes under the title Gold Cobra(금산독안).

Appearance Edit

Muscular body type and has spiky hair. Wear a bambo hat and have an eye patch, he usually have his weapon on his shoulders when he doesn't use them.

Personality Edit

At first he was portrait as someone who like gold, woman and alcohol as well as ruthless and cold hearted assassin with sharp instinct but as the story progress it revealed that he was a caring and chilvarous person and that didn't change until his last breath.

Relationships Edit


He's Martial Art Brother with Hong-Kyun, they was from the same division and their strength was also on the same level back when he was still in Black Winds.


Said to have a good relationship with Be-Hyun back then when he was still in the Yu Sun clan.

Shi YeonEdit

Had a love relationship with Shi Yeon and ultimately leaving Black Winds because of her.

Cheon Ma Sin GunEdit

He is a member of the Black Winds.

History Edit

Hyun Woo eye

Ten years ago he left the Black Winds for a woman, Shi Yeon, during that time he was still on a mision, the mission was to find the Ma Ryong Sword(Chapter 10), he gave his left eye to Hong-Kyun so that Hong-Kyun would let him go(Chapter 14), ten years later, he still trying to carry out that mission(Chapter 8).

After leaving the Black Winds he joined Yu Sun Guild and become the leader of the Admiralty, along the Amazing Four, three of them followed him after he was "exiled" from Yu Sun Guild for treason.

He was framed of treason by the woman he loved, Shi Yeon, and he ended up killing her father and hurting her in the process while trying to escape.


The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Shi Yeon death

He was then ambushed my Song Mu guildmaster, Yu Won-Chan, with explosives because he didn't hand over Ma Ryong Sword. His life was saved after Shi Yeon sacrificed herself to save him (Chapter 20).

Hyun death

He then lost his right eye to Yu Won-Chan (Chapter 21) and eventaully die later on, before his death, he was able to meet Cheon Ma Sin Gun and was then forgiven due to his royality towards Han Bi Kwang and was then taken back to the Black Winds by Cheon Ma Sin Gun (Chapter 22).