Second in command to his brother Im Cheol Geon. He is first introduced in vol.62 ch.396 berating Gyo Chong for his failure to defeat pair of intruders (Han Bi Kwang and Dam Hwa Rin). Afterwards he leads group of wariors under his command to defeat said intruders personaly, but is stoped by  Me Yujin. By the time she reatreted Han Bi Kwang and Dam Hwa Rin already vacated scene leaving only scenery destroyed by their training. Faced with such display of power he reports to his superior Im Cheol Geon

Im Dae Gon was large, muscular man with short beard. Personality-wise he was proud brash, short tempered man prone to anger. However, he was very loyal to his elder brother. His chosen weapon was sword, and he could use Burning soul technique.

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