Ji Hyon
Character Information
Name Ji-Hyeon
Korea Name 지현
Gender Male
Weapon Scythe
Affiliation Black Force
Black Winds
Manga Debut Chapter 62

Ji-Hyeon(지현) is the commander of the fourth Black Winds division and is also the most elite and mysterious of all the Black Winds division.

Each members of the fourth division have their identity concealed.

Appearance Edit

He wears the Black Winds set of robe with a mask to cover his face, always carrying a Scythe.

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History Edit

Ten years ago, the original fourth division of the Black Winds got annihilated by the Song Mu Guild. To revive the elite division, Cheon Ma Sin Gun gathered together the top elites of the Black Winds to form the new fourth division. All the people in the fourth division are said to be a master of martial art and have their identity hiden.

Story Edit

Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

Abilities Edit

He’s the leader of the elite 4th division of the Black Winds

Weapons Edit

He uses scythe called Steel-cold scythe (chul chang gyum)