Ji Yun Eun
Ji Yun Eun
Character Information
Name Ji Yun Eun
Korea Name 자연운
Epithet The Huntress

(사냥개 Sa Nyang Gae)

Gender Female
Status Alive
Weapon Rod
Affiliation Unknown
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Appearance Edit

Short hair down to the neck, always carrying a rod with her and has a decoration on her forehead.

Personality Edit

Relationships: Edit

She seems to be good friend with Bu Young.

History Edit


The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Ji Yun Eun was first seen when she spotted fellow bounty hunter Bu Young bathing in a lake. Bu Young asked her what brings her here and she said she was hunting after Jil Sang Pil. It was then Ji Yun Eun noticed that someone was peeking on them. When Ji Yun Eun jumped to attacked Han Bi Kwang she was then attacked by the Black Winds. After Han Bi Kwang told the Black Winds to leave Bu Young and Ji Yun Eun left Han Bi Kwang at the lake.

Legacy of the Ma Geum Rang ArcEdit

Six Dragon Gods of Jung Pa ArcEdit

Weapons Edit

She uses a rod as her weapon.