Jin Phe Wun
Jin Phe Wun
Character Information
Name Jin Phe Wun
Korea Name 진패운
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Blade
Affiliation White Force
Haksan Guild
Six Dragon Gods
Manga Debut Chapter 227

Jin Phe Wun is one of Six Dragon Gods.

Was first mentioned in chapter 179 but doesn't appear until chapter 227.

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Six Dragon Gods of Jung Pa ArcEdit

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Blade God: He is Blade God disciple.

Chun Oon-ak: He is friend with fellow members of Six Dragon Gods Chun Oon-ak.

Lee Hwa: Have a romantic relationship with her. Dam Hwa Rin: Romantically, he was interested in her who he was childhood friend with.

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His weapon of choice is blade.