Character Information
Name Juryeo
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Affiliation Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 115

Juryeo aka as Jwa Ho Beob is the descendant of Ma An (Devil Eyes) from the Desert. She was a slave to Hwan Young Guild leader Yeob Min Cheon.

Appearance Edit


Juryeo with her seal removed

Personality Edit

History Edit

At Yeob Min Cheon orders she infiltrated Ho Hyub Gok clan posing as servant and provided information for her master to impersonate Gwak Jin Hyeon. Afterwards she continued to pose as servant in public and aide her masters' plans of establishing new independent force in Murim among other things by handling Thunder Child and capturing Dam Hwa Rin.


Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

She is first introduced in chapter 113 standing next to her master disguised as Gwak Jin Hyeon. Her name is revealed in chapter 118. She was loyal to her family evidenced by how them being threatened were used to keep her in line. She was attracted to the kindness of Gwak Jin Hyeon, but ultimately, fearing for her family, she chose to continue to serve Yeob Min Cheon even though she wasn't in love with her masters as he was with her.

Abilities Edit

As member of Ma An race she was mistrusted and disliked. She was trained as asssasin and she fought bare-handed. As other members of Ma An her strength would be doubled if her eyes would see sunlight. Because of that she would usualy keep them closed. Once she opened them markings appeared on her.

Relationships Edit