Kwon Dong Hee
Kwon Dong Hee
Character Information
Name Kwon Dong Hee
Korea Name 권동희
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Blade
Affiliation White Force
Song Mu Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Kwon Dong Hee(권동희) is onne of the elders of the Song Mu guild and also one of the few who survied the clash against the Black Winds and put a halt on Cheon Ma Sin Gun's dream.

Appearance Edit

Has very long beard and mustasch, always wearing two big shoulder protecting gear.

Personality Edit

Righteous and caring.

Relationships Edit

Is the retainer of Yu Won-Chan, and very royal to him.

Is the rival of Hong-Kyun.

History Edit

He fought against the Black Winds fourth division during the war between Black Winds and Song Mu Guild for control of the Southern area of Murim. The scar on Hong-Kyun's face was done in by him.

He's one of the few who suvived the battle and put a stop to Cheon Ma Sin Gun's dream of unifying Murim.


The Demon Sword ArcEdit

Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

Weapons: Edit

His weapon of choise is Blade.