Me Yujin
Me Yujin
Character Information
Name Me Yujin
Korea Name 매유진
Gender Female
Status Alive
Weapon Hyonmu Heavenly Bow
Affiliation White Force
Manga Debut Chapter 258

Appearance: Edit

She first appeared as a blind archer, always carrying her bow around. She wear a blindfold.

As the story process she never use the blindfold again.

Personality: Edit

She's a silent type and cute looking according to Kwang when he first confronted her about using her eyes more than relying on Heavenly Bow.

Relationships: Edit

She calls Geum-hwang grandfather, it's due to him gave her Heavenly Bow when he encountered her at her home.

At first she tried to kill Han Bi Kwang after she found out he's the six disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun but later she seems to fall for Han Bi Kwang after he confront her.

History: Edit

When her mother died, she was taken in by her father whom is a guild master of a Dedo guild that's affiliate with White Force, at first he was nice to her, but since his wife and sons disliked her, he had to force her to live by herself in a small house. She was abused by her brothers and stepmother.

She then met with Sword Emperor and got Heavenly Bow from him.

She killed her brother, or rather Heavenly Bow killed her brother and a few people in her guild after they tried to kill her.

Later on her whole guild was destroyed by Jin Pung Baek.

After that she has lived by herself with the company of Heavenly Bow, with an eye-patch covering both eyes because of the fear of seeing the cruelty in the world. After meeting Bi Kwang, she gained back her confidence and took off her eye-patch.

Weapons: Edit

Heavenly Bow is one of the Eight Sacred Treasures, it allows her to sense other peoples' Ki from far away and shoot Ki arrows.

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