Character Information
Name Noho
Korea Name 노호
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Five Spears of Chu Heun
Affiliation Black Force, Neutral Force
Manga Debut Chapter 116

Born Jil Pung Rang in Jeom Bu clan as a younger brother of later clan leader No Jae Kyeong.

Appearance: Edit

Personality: Edit

He is hot-headed man prone to jumping to conclusions. However, he is also very loyal person - loyal to his brother, to Cheon Ma Sin Gun who saved him as a child, to Mi Go and East. He is pridefull person as well - when asked to join Black Winds he refused on grounds that he didn't want to be simple subordinate of Cheon Ma Sin Gun, rather he wanted to be one of his disciples. 

Relationships: Edit

Is a good friend of Han Bi Kwang and have love interest for The Goddess of the East.

History: Edit

Weapons: Edit

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