Character Information
Name Shi-Hyui
Korea Name 시휘(Si Hwi)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Weapon Flute
Affiliation Yu Sun Guild
Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 37

Appearance Edit

She has snake tattoo on her face and carries a flute.

Personality Edit

At first she was portrait as arrogance and hot tempered but as the story progress it was because of her jealousy towards Be-Hyun due to him paying her no attention. Else she's cheerful and kind.

Relationships Edit

Shi YeonEdit

She is the little sister of Shi Yeon.


She has love interest in Be-Hyun and also his master.

Han Bi KwangEdit

She was one of the few who took care of Han Bi Kwang during te time he was unconscious and accompanied him for a while on his journey.

History Edit


Duel at Hyun Bal Pa ArcEdit

After being discovered by Cho Un-Hyun for eavesdropping she suffered heavy injuries but was later saved by Yahk-Sun, one of the Five White Sages.

She accompanied Han Bi Kwang for a short while during his journey.

Shes the head of the Yu Sun Guild.