Sim Seo Lo
Character Information
Name Sim Seo Lo
Epithet Tonjon
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sonic
Affiliation Tonjong
Manga Debut Chapter 413

Sim Seo Lo aka Tonjon is the leader of Tonjong a Clan of Sound in Sinji.

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Abilities Edit

He is shown to be capable to paralyze opponents with sound (Paralysis melody demonstrated in vol.68 ch.489) and to cause hallucinations (Hallucination melody used in vol.58 ch.490) all the while using makeshift instrument - his sword. Regular Sound transfer technique is ineffective before him - when in vol.68 ch.488 Geom Gu Yeon and Seung Yeong use it before him he overhears them easily and offers Soundproof bell as a way to make conversation of 4 clan-leader private. He can also generates sound waves.

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