Character Information
Name So-Hyang
Korea Name 소향
Gender Female
Status Alive
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation Neutral Force
Manga Debut Chapter 31

So-Hyang(소향) is known for her love for animal and are always accompanied by a Hawk, a Leopard and a Mouse. She seems to understand their language as well.

Appearance: Edit

She always have a mouse on her head.

Personality: Edit

She's naive (as she believed that sharing a bed with a man means losing her virginity), cute, quick to anger and cry.

Relationships: Edit

Han Bi Kwang:Edit

She thinks that she lost her virginity when accidentally share a bed with him, so she force him to take responsibility to be her husband.

Choi Sang-hwe: Edit

At first she hates him because she thinks he transgenders to seduce her. After being saved by him, she started to have feelings for him.

Hwang Keon Woo:Edit

She is the daughter of Hwang Keon Woo, one of the four leading figures of Neutral Force.

History: Edit

Weapons: Edit

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