Uho Beob
Uho Beob
Character Information
Name Uho Beob
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation Hwan Young Guild
Black Force
Manga Debut Chapter 112

Appearance Edit

He was dressed in same attire as other guild members and have suffered from same disease that rendered them disfigured.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Story Edit

Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

He first appeared in chapter 112

Relationship Edit

Yeob Min Cheon:He was loyal to his master often offering his advice which was rarely heeded. Though his advice was not accepted his master acknowledged him as the strongest of Hwan Young under Guild his command.

Juryeo: He was predominantly hostile believing that she, as a slave and Ma An was unworthy of Yeob Min Cheon's attention. That hostility increased when she found herself torn between her affection towards Gwak Jin Hyeon and servitude to Yeob Min Cheon and Hwan Young Guild.

Abilities Edit

Member of Hwan Young Guild and is second in command to leader of the Guild Yeob Min Cheon. His main form of attacking is illusions and hypnosis that he used to surprise, confuse, or in case of later, plant mental suggestions in the minds of opponents, and either dispatch them at his leisure or make them behave in way he desired.