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White Force(Jung-Pa or Light Path in early translation) is of the Four Forces in the Manhwa. Sword Emperor is said to be the pillar of White Forces.

One of the three main forces in the Manhwa before Sinji was made known. Black Force and White Force has been at war for a long time. Many of White Force's guild was destroyed by Cheon Ma Sin Gun and the Black Winds, one of them include the guild of one of the Five White Sages, Guege. White Force was able to stop the invasion after a bloody battle between Song Mu Guild and Black Winds. Both side suffered heavy losses as well as Song Mu lost their master in the battle.

The duel between Han Bi Kwang and Chun Oon-ak almost result in a new war between White Force and Black Force. This battle result in the present of many great figures from White Force, Black Force but also Neutral Force.

Many are still hoping that Sword Emperor will one day return to Murim and once again lead them against the Black Force.

However, when Sinji was made known, many clan of White Force has already defect to Sinji as well as people on Jang Baek Mountain whom people of White Force see as the heart of White Force. After Sinji was put into light, the two Forces, White Force and Black Force joined their forces and march toward Sinji.

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