Yeob Min Cheon
Yeob Min Cheon
Character Information
Name Yeob Min Cheon
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Chapter 157)
Weapon Bare-Hand
Affiliation Hwan Young Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 113 (Disguised)

Chapter 147 (Reveal)

Leader of Hwan Young Guild and primary antagonist of Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok arc. He appeared first (although disguised as Gwak Jin Hyeon) in chapter 113. His real name was revealed in chapter 147. He wanted to establish third force - one that he would lead. In order to achieve that he posed as Gwak Jin Hyeon of Ho Hyub Gok so he could attain Maha Singong, martial art of legendary Maha Jasin and ignite war between Black and White force while through Ho Hyub Gok, already established guild of Black Force, start creating beginning of that new force. To increase his assets further he started making Devil men Bun Hen and have hired Byuk-Ryuk to produce 500 thunder bombs.

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Gwak Jin Hyeon

Yeob Min Cheon disguise as Gwak Jin Hyeon

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Conspiracy at Ho Hyub Gok ArcEdit

Most of his appearances in manhwa were under disguise of Gwak Jin Hyeon, it is only towards the end of arc (chapter 147) that his true appearance was revealed - a muscular man with short dark hair and face disfigured by unknown disease that struck Hwan Young clan.

A prideful man, he would react with anger towards people he suspected of looking down on him. His motivation was partly due to other guilds considering Hwan Young "a group with bunch of pathetic tricks". However, he also possessed self control required to successfully pose as other man for long time.

He was in love with Juryeo although she hadn't returned his feelings. In a fit of anger, jealousy, and possessiveness he killed her after she heavily (possibly fatally) hurt herself in order to bring him Flame Dragon Blade and by bargain that he offered be released from servitude.

As Hwan Young Guild was made from splinter group of Hwanjong he was aware and knowledgeable of Sinji and possibly their intentions to take over Murim. It is unknown how his plans if successful would be affected by Sinji's activity or how would Sinji reacted at this new group.

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Bare-handed, using Maha Singong.