Yu Se Ha
Yu Se Ha
Character Information
Name Yu Se Ha
Korea Name 유세하
Epithet Brother-in-Law
Ma Gum Rang
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation White Force
Manga Debut Chapter 66

Was first mentioned in chapter 42 as Ma Gum Rang but doesn't appear until chapter 66.

Appearance Edit

Handsome and has long hair.

Personality Edit

Kind and caring.

Relationships Edit

Dam Hwa RinEdit

He is the Elder Martial Art Brother of Dam Hwa Rin.

Han Bi KwangEdit

After he told Han Bi Kwang that he leaves Dam Hwa Rin in Han Bi Kwang's care, Kwang started to call him brother-in-law.

Sword EmperorEdit

He is a disciple of Sword Emperor.

History Edit

Sword Emperor send him on a mission to retrieve a skill book but forbid him from reading it, however, he couldn't fight against the temptation and ended up losing his mind from time to time after reading the book.


Legacy of the Ma Geum Rang ArcEdit

Attack on Anmi Province ArcEdit