Yu Seung Bin
Yu Seung Bin
Character Information
Name Yu Seung Bin
Korea Name 유승빈
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation White Force
Song Mu Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 173

Yu Seung Bin(유승빈) is the Wijin Squad Captain of the Song Mu Guild. He’s also the younger brother of Yu Won-Chan

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Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

Yu Seung Bin is first seen talking to a Cho Lim about the sixth disciple of Cheon Ma Sin Gun Since he never knew Cheon Ma Sin Gun had a sixth one. When suddenly someone fitting his description pass by. After seeing how the person was acting they thought it was impossible for Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciple to wander around White Force territory like an idiot.

Since he was bored he decided following the person.

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Yu Won-Chan: His Brother

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