Yu Won-Chan
Character Information
Name Yu Won-Chan
Korea Name 유원찬
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation White Force
Song Mu Guild
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Yu Won-Chan(유원찬) is the patriarch of the once powerful Song Mu Guild. He's determined to restore the the clan's power to how it was before the clash with the Black Winds.

Appearance Edit

He has four staw of hair sticking out and form a four claw like.

Personality Edit

At first he was cocky, all high about himself and use his underlings like trashes. Respectless for elders.

After being beaten by Han Bi Kwang he then changed and become a complete opposite of how he was.

Relationships Edit

Kwon Dong HeeEdit

He's the master of Kwon Dong Hee.

Han Bi KwangEdit

Later on in the story, he's shown to be good friend with Han Bi Kwang

Dam Hwa RinEdit

He gave Demon Face Armor, one of the Eight Sacred Treasures, to her.

Yu Seung BinEdit

Yu won-Chans' younger brother. At the time of his introduction they were estranged and even came in conflict but soon they made amends. Curently Ye Seung Bin is loyal follower of his brother.

History Edit

After his father died during the battle against the Black Winds, he took over the role of guild master.

Story Edit

The Demon Sword ArcEdit

He planned to steal Ma Ryong Sword from Dam Hwa Rin by hiring Hyun Woo to deal with Dam Hwa Rin.

After losing to Han Bi Kwang he started to change.

Attack on Song Mu Guild Arc Edit

later on his guild was being attacked by Jin Pung Baek of Cheon Ma Sin Gun Disciples but Han Bi Kwang came to rescue.

Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

Uses sword to execute Illusion Arts.