Yun Sang Geo
Yun Sang Geo
Character Information
Name Yun Sang Geo
Epithet The Demon Face
Gender Male
Status Alive
Weapon Sword
Affiliation Sinji
Manga Debut Chapter 362
“Yun Sang Geo” is one of Ten Master Swordsmen of Sinji and the Commander of a Thousand Sword Army.

Appearance Edit

Yun Sang Geo2

Yun Sang Geo “Demon Face”

Personality Edit

He is a man with two personalities ... Once his demon face appears, he becomes a madman..."

History Edit

Story Edit

Guardian of San Hae Gok ArcEdit

He was first mentioned by one of unseen participants in conversation with Sa Eumin in vol.57 ch. 361. He first appeared on page in vol.57 ch. 362 where he challenges Geum-hwang to a duel and is swiftly defeated by him.

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Abilities Edit

One of ten master swordsman in Sinji and commander of (one of) thousand swords army.

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