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Zhong Li
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Character Information
Name Zhong Li
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon Unknown
Affiliation Sinji
Manga Debut Unknown

Zhong Li is an important leading member of Sinji, currently holding the 20th rank and the title of master of Earthly God Palace.

Appearance Edit

Zhong Li is a small skinny old man, he has prominent chin and nose, as well as a sharp malevolent gaze. He has a well-cured, long thin pair of mustaches, and holds his long hair in a bun using a preciously decorated long hair stick.

Due to his deceiving appearance his strength is often underestimated by those who don't know him.

Personality Edit

Zhong Li is cunning, cruel and ambitious.

He believes that power is everything. To those weaker than him, he is cruel, sadistic and arrogant. With his superiors he behaves meekly and humbly, while constantly plotting against them in secret. In general, he systematically tries to take advantage of others for the sake of his own thirst for power.

He despises comradeship. He rules his subordinates with terror and doesn't hesitate treating the weaker of them as trash, taking a sadistic pleasure in torturing those who don't manage to fulfill his orders. One of his favourite 'punishments' features forcing his subordinates to fight to the death, only the last man standing will be allowed to survive.

He is a master of political warfare: even though there are several members stronger than him in Sinji when it comes to combat power, thanks to his prowess with the art of speech and the enormous deal of bonds and relationships he cultivated over time he was given one of the most influential commanding positions in Sinji, namely Master of Earthly God Palace, as well as perhaps the most delicate and important task in the whole organization: infiltrating the Plains and undermining the two opposing Murim forces, buying the loyalty of many of their strategic members for Sinji. Not only he succeded in doing so, but he even accomplished it all while maintaining the existence of Sinji a secret.

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